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What is VoIP Mobile dialer?

Nowadays VoIP has become so easy to use that even non-technical people can use it very easily.  VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  It is a way of talking through the Internet.  VoIP technology is the process of exchanging voice, data, and video using Internet technology and multimedia applications.  In short, VoIP is a special way of exchanging telephone calls over a data network such as the Internet.  With the use of this technology, we can talk over the phone from one country to another using a traditional telephone.  It costs very little.

Earlier VoIP was used only through laptop or computer but today with the changing technology, VoIP has become common for mobile as well.  Development of mobile dialer VoIP software application makes VoIP communication for mobile.  After installing the VoIP Mobile dialer application in our smartphone, we can exchange our voice, data and video.

What is VoIP Mobile dialer?

VoIP mobile dialer is a type of mobile application used by the installation of VoIP calling software on a mobile device. In almost all types of mobile operating systems that use the SIP platform to create connections to the communications network, the VoIP dialer application is available. The VoIP dialer uses the Internet to make calls directly from a smartphone. Mobile VoIP operates with a cell phone Internet connection to transmit voice calls over the Internet, using IP technology as digital signals. Here is a list of the best free Android apps that allow you to make VoIP calls for free.

voip mobile dialer

 List of Best free VoIP Mobile dialer application

  1. WhatsApp
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Google Duo
  4. Google Hangout
  5. Skype
  6. Viber

How does Mobile VoIP dialer work

You can easily install the Mobile Dialer or the Mobile VoIP Dialer in a compatible handset. The dialer runs on a cell phone based on an Operating System. Mobile VoIP Dialer uses SIP signaling and can be mapped to a Softswitch or IP system to make a voice communication system work. New mobile dialers often allow users to use their mobile phone to originate a voice call or SMS.

The most preferred method of calling is to make calls from the cell phone. Consumers should turn to VoIP because it provides affordable rates for foreign calling. Mobile Dialer provides users with great ease of using VoIP or Voice over the Internet Protocol on their cell phones.

 Advantages of using Mobile VoIP dialer 

  • Good for multiple calls
  • Accessible when you’re on-the-go
  • Use internationally calls at no extra cost
  • Better quality calls
  • Powerful software
  • Save money

Limitations of using Mobile VoIP dialer

  • Since low or unreliable Internet bandwidths can lead to poor call quality, a reliable Internet connection (ADSL, VDSL, fiber, 4G) would be necessary.
  • Unless the connection to the Internet fails, then no calls are possible. People makes a free backup service available to you.
  • VoIP is vulnerable to worms, viruses and hacking.
  • The link could disrupt in the case of long fax transmissions.
  • Problems may occur in case of emergency calls. We suggest that you use your mobile phone when making emergency calls or explicitly mention your location.
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