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The Relevance of Mobile Dialer in VoIP Businesses

A VoIP application, a mobile dialer is a softphone, allowing for VoIP calling from mobiles. Using conventional telephony and internet technology, VoIP facilitates calls across the world. With VoIP technology, you can make both domestic and international calls at affordable rates. Due to the easy availability of internet connections, VoIP systems have become popular nowadays. The requisites of VoIP calls are only a stable internet connection and mobile dialer.

mobile dialer

Mobile Dialers: What are they?

A mobile dialer is an app, enabling VoIP calls from mobile phones. VoIP systems provide the users with the benefits of low costs on calls, messages, among other call-linked functions.

Mobile dialers are easy to use. The first step is to download the dialer from the app store, follow by completing the registration process using operator code, password, and pin. Thereafter, you can start making calls.

Mobile Dialers: How to use?

Using VoIP dialers, you can make calls via the following ways.

  • Dialer-to-dialer

Dialer-to-dialer calls are free of cost; only users at both ends should have an internet connection and a mobile dialer.

  • Dialer to landlines and GSN numbers

The facility of making VoIP calls from dialers to GSN numbers and landlines is also available. Here, the receiver does not need an internet connection. Only the person dialing the number must have internet connection and mobile dialer; plus, their VoIP account must have sufficient balance, for which they have to contact the service provider.

Mobile Dialers: How did they evolve?

Before the era of mobile phones, desktops were used widely. However, desktops come with mobility restrictions. So, the introduction of mobile phones led to higher VoIP usage.

On most mobile operating systems, you can avail a VoIP dialer or mobile dialer, which requires a SIP platform for setting up connections to the communications network.

Mobile dialers have become popular for they offer the convenience of mobility.

Mobile Dialers: Recent Versions

The latest generation mobile dialers come with all the newest features. Also, regular updates are available for the seamless functioning of the dialer. Nonetheless, internet connection is the primary requisite for the functioning of mobile dialers. Users can opt for Wi-Fi, broadband, 3G or 4G connections, to make VoIP calls via a mobile dialer.

On VoIP hosting platforms, data transmits faster for uninterrupted calling service.

Mobile Dialers: Importance in VoIP Businesses

In the VoIP industry, mobile dialers are key. Under VoIP businesses and Reseller VoIP make use of dialers.

However, VoIP technology has tunneling software for overcoming the blockages in some areas. Mobile dialers, combined with the software, pass through all the VoIP blockages. More so, with tunneling software, you can lower bandwidth consumption. In turn, the dialer works well even in areas having poor connectivity.

So, you must choose tunneling software after careful consideration when selecting a dialer for your VoIP business.


A quality and user-friendly mobile dialer, along with an attractive interface, can help to create a favorable first impression among your clients about your VoIP business. So, you must ponder over all related aspects when choosing a mobile dialer – for improving your business reputation that is.

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