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Multiple calling platform into single app: Twin Mobile Dialer

It said that we shouldn’t merge our professional life with personal. And try to balance them both. In such scenarios in this globally exploring the world, it becomes must have different calling aids for family and work. We usually use two distinct platforms, two separate apps for calling and dialling purposes. But with the upgrading mobile technology today we have Twin Mobile Dialer technology with us.


Twin Mobile Dialer is a hybrid platform combining features of distinct apps and allowing a single application to work on dual dialling feature. That makes it easy to collaborate with things at the only place and access the multi dialer system. That referred to as a standalone platform for multi dialer calling with the VoIP call.

‌Along with the ease of multiple calling and dialer availability from a single application and platform Twin Mobile Dialer for mobile or we can say Android come up with many inbuilt features.

It is an application that overwhelms the actual scenarios of integrating things and contacts. A dialer is a system that allows automatic calls over the pace. An auto dialer is something that automatically calls many people somewhere like broadcasting, indeed.

The other features of Twin Mobile Dialer based Applications are listed below:

  1. Twin Mobile dialer enables VoIP calling services from Android App or iPhone app directly; it doesn’t require a particular installation of some reusable code file.
  1. These days twin mobile dialers are upgraded for Android as well as iPhone supports. It can access both kinds of devices with lots of similar features.
  1. Twin Mobile Dialer flexibility and ease of remembering high-grade pins and patterns. Access numbers and destination numbers are too not required to be kept in mind as twin mobile dialers maintain every record separately.
  1. After installation twin mobile dialer gets connected with the respective address books.
  1. Accessing twin mobile dialer needs a two-way security approach and maintains users privacy. Login credentials include pin and OTP on a specific number.
  1. In-app payments recharge and purchases could make using a pay-pal online platform. It also provides credit card and voucher access for top-up or recharging purposes.
  1. Twin mobile dialer individually gives details regarding the recharge and available balance. Every time it is not required to enter OTP and check for amount details.

If you messed into dual-platform calling activity, get a twin mobile dialer android or iPhone application, a single platform for every dialer activity.  It enables the ease and gives you an upgrading technology to clean your mess. That can correctly use to keep different personal and professional life separate and also in the scenarios where one need to keep things separate.

The management of address- book, recharge facility provides a back-bone for proving the tremendous need of this twin mobile dialer feature. It replaced the dual space used for storing the similar application with a different account to a single frontend platform giving rise to a straight distinct calling form.

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