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Mobile Dialer, Software device for making VoIP Calls via Mobile Phones

Mobile Dialer is a softphone or dialer to make VoIP call from the mobile phone.  Designed for keeping operator’s requirements in mind.  Mobile Dialer not only let the clients to make VoIP call from their mobile phone using our VoIP service, but will let we do the branding of our service as an operator. With the mass deployment of Wi-Fi networks in many countries and also with the introduction of cheap 3G and 4G mobile internet services, calling from mobileset using VoIP technology is getting popular.

The Mobile Dialer or Mobile VoIP Dialer can be easily installed in a compatible handset. The Dialer runs on an Operating System-based mobile phone. Most popular Mobile Dialer Operating Systems are Android, Windows and iOS.

Importance of Mobile Dialer:

  • Mobile dialer Software on the web we will find plenty of free and paid versions of this software.
  • We can either go for a free version or choose to get a professionally customized version.
  • The basic functions are same in both the free and paid versions but purchased software gives us some advance features as well as let we customize it.
  • The one more importance of Mobile Dialer software is Mobility means that we don’t need a computer and also don’t have to stay in home for making a VoIP call.
  • If we installing Mobile Dialer Software in our Mobile handset we can easily make a VoIP call from anywhere in the world at the lowest calls rates.
  • Other importance of Mobile Dialer is that we can also customize it to show the name or logo of your Company on the Mobile Dialer Software.


Uses and Benefits of using Mobile Dialer:

  • By installing this advanced mobile application, we can add a new feather in the long distance communication facility through the mobile devices.
  • Mobile dialer has especially designed and developed to offer an astounding VoIP communication experience by using our handset.
  • Mobile Dialer lets we get rid of the hassle of entering PIN number, access number and destination number every time we use the calling card dialing facility.
  • This application can easily integrate with the phonebook of the mobile phone. So that we don’t need to feed the destination number while making all through the calling cardor VoIP service by using the mobile dialer.
  • It supports all the relevant way of internet connections such as 3G, 4G, Wife to provide us the uninterrupted, PIN less calling card facility as well as VoIP calling over the internet.
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