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VoIP App or SIP Dialer is the most favourite software tool to make worldwide calling

Today, the world is witnessing a great shift in telecommunication technology towards VoIP phone system. It was predicted in 2011 that two third of the business would be carried out using VoIP systems. VoIP uses certain protocols of which SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) is one. SIP is an application layer control protocol for controlling, modifying and terminating sessions with one or more clients. Sessions here refers to carrying out telephone calls, video conferencingvideo calling, multimedia distribution etc. which are over internet. SIP is a flexible protocol that uses UTF-8 encoding and port 5060 for UDP and TCP. SIP proffers potential Internet telephony features such as call or media transfer, call hold and call conference all of which are embedded in VoIP phone systems or SIP dialers.


With booming calls over internet, Voice over IP systems have casted a spell all over and this is what is known as SIP trunking. These services can be provided by many VoIP providers and can be tailored to meet the workforce requirements. The main advantage of using SIP dialers is that they bind wide range of multimedia , data etc into a single line reducing bandwidth wastage and thus ensuring efficiency.

On the other hand Softphones which also uses IETF standardised SIP protocol also provide various telephony features with typically wide range of audio codecs ranging from G.711 to G.729. This softphone can be installed on a piece of device equipment whether it is a desktop or a mobile device. A Softphone usually needs a USB or a headset connected to a sound card.

Now VoIP is called as a cloud based application which provides flexibility to manage remote or local calls from desktop or other portable mobile device. It simply means less investment in hardware and maintenance and more returns in services. Hence business organisations are prostrating towards undertaking the BYOD (Bring your Own Device) culture of VoIP. Advanced communications and collaboration capabilities which may include cloud scalability, mobile-first technology, CRM integration, presence tracing, HD quality voice and video conferencing will lead to the bombardment of hosted VoIP softphones and systems. World’s cloud based telephony have stood apart from other trending and sound technologies due to its cost benefits , easy scalability , flexibility, integrating features with latest technologies and sophisticated functionalities. VoIP will continue to shower its impeccable presence in coming future.

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