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Get more customers and expand your business with Twin Mobile Dialer

VoIP has been the most respected and wonderful communication technology. With this technique of calling in the present age of modernity, everybody is well informed. In the late couple of years, communication creativity has advanced marvelously, and from that point forward the entire situation of long separation communication has changed for the benefit of end customers. One can currently choose one of the many alternatives available for making worldwide calls, and can spare several bucks without trading off their ability to chat for a while.


You should use Twin Mobile Dialer for Android and iPhone to combine the much-needed facility of Calling Card Dialing With VoIP Dialing. The specialized SIP clients would get the double versatility with the Twin Dialer, which combines the VoIP dialer and the Calling Card dialer.

What is Mobile Hybrid Dialer or Twin mobile dialer?

Mobile Hybrid Dialer is a smartphone application that automates the use of calling cards and provides facility for IP calling. This calling app without a PIN allows users to make VoIP calls from their cell phones. The Handheld Hybrid Dialer supports 3G/4 G and GPRS for internet access.

Users can get an automatic PIN-less calling card user experience, meaning they don’t need to recall the access code, PIN number, and destination number if they use a calling card.

For VoIP calling and calling cards usage, Mobile Hybrid Dialer directly integrates with the phone book of the mobile user. Hence, calling card users can now not only go PIN-less but also number less as they need not dial any destination number.

Being a service provider, now you can offer twin advantages to your customers as with this single PINless calling software app, you can allow them to make VoIP calls from their mobile phones as well as use calling cards in an automated way.

Many Mobile Hybrid Dialer supports iPhone and Android platforms, which provides flexibility to the users.

Some Features of best Mobile Hybrid Dialer:

  • A single application for use with Mobile VoIP and PINless Calling Cards.
  • Provides convivial mobile card calling experiences.
  • Mobile phone book provides Full branding capacity for service providers.
  • Supports platforms that include iPhone and Android.
  • Free access code, PIN number and destination number to recall.
  • Show of facility for account balance.

How to use twin mobile dialer?

First go to the official App Store to use the Twin Smartphone dialer. After that download a stronger program for the Twin / Hybrid mobile dialer. After that go to the service provider’s official website and buy twin mobile dialer. Many framework providers have Demo for you to use for a few days. One has to buy to use the program after the demo time is over.


Today is Android VoIP day, which allows users of Android OS-based phones to route their calls over the Internet. The Hybrid Mobile Dialer Software simplifies the issue of using two separate devices to help the two different calling facilities benefit. In addition to the handheld VoIP calling, the Twin Handheld Dialer for Android Phone acts as a standalone interface to use the calling card facility.

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