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Experiences the new way of communication with Adore Mobile Dialer & Softphone

Tensed with traditional phone lines, heavy bills, phone wiring, high maintenance cost and so on. No need to worry anymore, now experience the new way of communication. Adore Softphone brings you different solutions to fulfil your wishes.

Adore Softphone Mobile Dialer provides you the innovative communication technology. Now you don’t need to have computer for VoIP. You can make international call by VoIP using your mobile handset. We offer you preeminent dialer software facilities as VOIP mobile dialer and twin mobile dialer. We provide you compatible software with Android, iOS / iPad, Windows Phone 8 and Windows/MAC application. Adore Softphone mobile dialer gives you the facility to put your company logo and name on the front of customized skin.

Adore Softphone software allows you to use its hi-tech communication technology to make long distance communication easier. It allow you to instigate a voice call by using internet connection rather than traditional telephone system. Adore Softphone mesmerize you with unique features as customized skin interfaces, call timer, last Number redial, Touch Tone, Address Book, Micro Phone Volume Control, Speaker Volume Control, Work with any full-duplex sound card Auto-configuration of settings for easy deployment.

Adore Softphone offers you a tunnel in a tremendous way, which not only make your connection easier but also make secure connection for the end user. Our anti blocking dialer is the finest as it surpasses all restrictions and blockings in areas where VoIP in low bandwidth areas or where VoIP is banned. Adore Softphone designed its software to provides you cost effective, user-friendly, high quality, calling over IP network anywhere, reliable tunnel. Our softwares are based on latest VPN servers and universally companionable with a wide range of internet enabled devices like Android, iPhone & Windows PC.

Adore Softphone makes your life simple and smooth with their IP Phones. It helps you to make communication easier, it provides you our modern and reliable technology, by which you can save in management, maintenance and call cost. Adore InfoTech softwares also provide you feature of a common phone system like caller ID, speaker phone, call hold, and call transfer etc in its IP Phone

Now you don’t need to maintain your traditional phone line and PBX, our VoIP Phone will help you for a smooth and comfortable life. We offer you rich, sophisticated and modern technology to stay connected with remote, virtual and dispersed workforce. By paying a very small cost to us instead of heavy phone bills, you can enjoy our customized and supreme B2B telecommunication services with various features.

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VoIP Mobile Dialer
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